How Does a Woman Get a Urinary Tract Infection-4 Main Causes

How Does a Woman Get a Urinary Tract Infection-4 Main Causes

How Does a Woman Get a Urinary Tract Infection? Frankly speaking, there are various causes of UTI in women, but we will discuss the fundamental causes.

The risk of urinary tract infection in women is greater than in men. Why are women more vulnerable to UTI? There are various causes of urinary tract infections. However, how does a woman get a urinary tract infection? The first aspect to point out is that women have shorter urethras in comparison with men. This easily allows bacterial transformation into the bladder. 

One should note here that bacteria may spread through sexual intercourse. Spermicides and contraceptive diagrams may change the environment around the urethra of women. There are also several causes that make women more vulnerable to UTI. In this article, we’ll discuss some causes of UTI  in women.

How Does the Urinary Tract Work?

The urinary tract is an organ that produces urine and eliminates it from our body. The kidneys, bladder, urethra, and ureters are parts of the urinary tract. The main role of these organs is to make, store, and carry out the urine from the body. Urine is a waste product of the human body.

Our kidneys produce urine and the ureters carry it into the bladder. Then it is stored in the bladder. Urine is eliminated through the urethra by the urination process. In males, the opening of the urethra is in the penis. In females, the opening of the urethra is above the vaginal opening. 

Hope you are very familiar with the function of kidneys. The liquid waste from the blood is filtered by the kidneys. Kidneys help us to make chemical balance in the body. They also made several hormones. One should note here that the hormones boost RBC production and control BP. 

What Is Urinary Tract Infection?

There are no bacteria in normal urine. The urinary tracts ensure one-way flows that prevent bacterial infection. But bacteria may get into the urinary tract in many ways and cause UTI. We can fall UTI into two main categories such as lower tract infections, and upper tract infections. 

  • Lower tract infections:

Lower urinary tract infections are mainly caused by the bacteria that are found in the intestine. Some bacteria go to the urethra and bladder from the anus. They grow in the urethra and bladder and ultimately cause infection by invading the tissue. 

  • Upper tract infections:

Upper tract infection mainly occurs in the ureters and kidneys. It is mainly known as a kidney infection. When bacteria move to the kidney from the bladder, then the upper tract infection may occur. Also, your bloodstream can carry bacteria from other parts of the body, and finally, these bacteria live in the kidneys. 

Causes of Urinary Tract Infection in Women

Urinary tract infection in women may cause lower abdomen pain, and pain in the pelvic area as well as it can cause lower back pain.  Many women feel burning and pain while urinating. How Does a Woman Get a Urinary Tract Infection? Frankly speaking, there are various causes of UTI in women, but we will discuss the fundamental causes.

  • Body Factors

In general, the estrogen hormone provides protection from bacteria in the vagina. If a woman goes through menopause then the risk of infection may arise because the protection is then lost. One should note here that sexual intercourse can affect the chance of getting a UTI.

  • Birth Control

Some specific birth control systems may cause urinary tract infections in women. If a woman uses a diaphragm for birth control she is at a higher risk of UTI. Some couples use condoms with spermicidal foam for birth control. This also may increase the risk of getting an infection. 

  • Pregnancy Issue

The first argument suggests that the bladder muscle becomes relaxed in pregnant women. due to hormonal change. This delays urination and increases the risk of UTI in women. Whilst the second suggests that many women cannot fight off infection during pregnancy and become more susceptible to UTIs. Women should have to go through a regular body checkup during pregnancy to avoid UTI.

  • Holding in Urine Too Long

When you have the urge you should urinate as soon as possible. Holding urine for a long time can develop the risk of infection. As the urine stays for a long time in the bladder the risk of bacterial growth increases in the bladder. So doctors recommend women not to hold urine for a long time.

Final Words

You should treat a urinary tract infection as soon as you diagnose this. Without proper treatment, this can cause serious health issues. We have tried to present authentic information on UTI. Hope you come to know How Does a Woman Get a Urinary Tract Infection through this article.

By following a healthy lifestyle you can reduce the risk of infection. If you require further information on this topic please comment below. We are ready to help you with real information. 

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